Saturday, July 24, 2010

[IMAGE] The irony of Dell's Ubuntu site!

Following the recent brouhaha about Dell's public claims that Ubuntu is safer than Windows and its subsequent change of stance, I hopped onto the Dell Ubuntu site this morning just to see what has changed since and to my amusement, the site tells me it recommends IE8.

There's nothing wrong with that until you realize I am on the Ubuntu site, which invariably means I want to use Linux! Now you are recommending IE8 for me when I am shopping for a Linux machine? Oh and I visited the site via Google Chrome, is that not a good browser too?

I'm not sure it was there before, and so is it not ironic and quite interesting that Dell publicly claims Ubuntu is safer than Windows, then it backtracks, now it is recommending the use of IE on THE Ubuntu site. Interesting.

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By Seeraj Muneer with 6 comments


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