Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why does Ubuntu keep shipping with Evolution?

The Evolution mail client has been the default such application in Ubuntu since I got to know of Linux. Sure it is the default GNOME mail/calendar application, but I really am of the view that Ubuntu needs to drop it in favor of say Mozilla's very brilliant Thunderbird

For one thing running Evolution on my machine makes me wonder if it is IE in disguise. It is, for starters, very heavy on my system resources. My hdd light keeps blinking to hell when I click on that application at any time. It also seems to take an eternity to respond to my mouse clicks.

And worse of all, it is only once that I remember ever being able to access my Gmail account via Evolution. Since that time, whenever I enter my mail credentials, it just sits there, tells me it is reading and fetching the mail. That's it. Nothing else. It just does nothing else again after it shows me those messages in the status bar.

It may be that I am just unlucky with it. Or that my 1GB memory (that is what I use) is not for it. Mozilla's Thunderbird on the other hand, just begs me to add my mail credentials and it takes less than a minute for it to connect to my Gmail account and fetch me my mails, including all my folders. And it is very much system resource efficient.

Evolution has become one of the first applications I remove upon every fresh Ubuntu install, replacing it with Thunderbird. If we are going to keep priding ourselves on how well Linux does on older hardware, then it would be wise to stop shipping some really fat applications like Evolution.

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