Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fixing Gtalk Connection with Pidgin 2.7.*

The latest version of Pidgin, 2.7.*, is experiencing some difficulty connecting to Gtalk.
The reason for this was a change in the libs used. Prior to version 2.6 .* the SASL (Simple Autentication and Security Layer) libs were not used by Pidgin to connect to Gtalk.
Outcome: Older versions of Pidgin easily connect to Gtalk, while newer versions can not.

How to fix it ???

   1. type in the terminal: sudo apt-get install-y - force-yes cyrus-sasl libsasl2-plug-*
   2. The following libs should be installed: cyrus-sasl, libsasl2, libsasl2-plug-plain (needed to be able to connect to Gtalk network)
   3. Now set up the account:

Accounts > Add or Modify > xmpp or googletalk
User Name: your Gmail username without the @
Resource: Home
Password: your password

click Advanced Tab:
  • Require SSL/TLS
  • Force old (port 5223) SSL
[  ] Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams
Connect port: 443
Connect server:
File transfer proxies:

Click save and you have from now on  google-talk IM.

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