Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why not include the Ubuntu Manual in a default install?

The official Ubuntu Manual for Lucid was released shortly before the final release. It is a community developed manual for *everyday* people on how to literally hit the ground running with Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. 

The manual has received a lot of praise for being a straight to the point no nonsense guide. This then prompts me to wonder how feasible it will be to add the community developed and officially sanctioned Ubuntu manual to future releases. 

Why not just make life easy for people in that when they download and install Ubuntu, this handy manual is easily accessible from the accessories menu for their convenience rather than having to go to the manual site to make use of it.

After a fresh Ubuntu install, one of the first things I do is to remove the default Ubuntu docs which takes about 250MB. Can't that space be saved with this less than 5MB manua?

Update: Over on Identi.ca, @mohanpram brilliantly suggests if it can even be made to autorun for new users to Ubuntu. If you are new, there is a handy and concise manual that will run you through what Ubuntu is. If you are an old comer, you just skip it. Win- win. Thanks pal for your input.

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