Thursday, August 13, 2009

5 Things Microsoft does not want you to know about Windows.

Microsoft, the Redmond giant and owner of the world's most troublesome operating system, has over the years used its dominant market share to frustrate the development, use and adoption of other operating systems.

Today,I intend posting some very basic truths that MS would very much not want you to know.
Truth no 1
You are paying way more than you are getting. This is a simple truth that most users of Windows do not seem to appreciate. Why do you have to pay as much as  $100 to get a license to use an OS which is bare to the bones? An installation of Windows is just the first in a series of long processes to make your computer useful. Your computer can in virtually all cases not be used to do anything meaningful after a Windows installation until you have installed numerous third party drivers and other utilities most of which you would have to pay for separately. That is very much being short changed to me.
Truth no 2
You are never safe with Windows. The recent DDOS attacks on Twitter and Facebook makes it very clear that if anything at all, Windows is a very big threat to the future of the internet and  computing in general. A system that can be hijacked by teenagers with the requisite skills and cause a stir on an international scale is not a system you can feel safe with.
Truth no 3
You have no freedom when it comes to MS Windows. You either take what MS thinks they want to offer you or go. You cannot modify the OS to dance to your tunes. You rather dance to the tune of the OS after coughing up as much as  $100 to acquire it. I wonder how many of you would in real life would pay money to buy something only for the thing to become your master.
Truth no 4
You are always anxious and very apprehensive when using Windows because you virtually have to read every single letter you see on your screen so you would not accidentally download or open a virus infected file. You have to curtail your internet usage experience for fear of attracting hordes of rootkits, trojans and other nuisance to  your system. This is short does not make your computing experience smooth and worry free. Why pay for a system where you would have to keep lookiing over your neck. A good system should make you reasonable safe both online and offline. But not Windows.
Truth no 5 
With Windows, anytime there a new release such as the upcoming Windows 7, you would need to upgrade your hardware resources to be able to run it. This simply means that if MS releases Widows every other year, then too you would have to keep buying higher and higher computer power to be able to keep up with the latest. This no doubt will in the long term result in a significant drain on your pocket.
Why subject yourself to all these inconveniences and costs when you can get yourself the world's most popular alternative to Microsoft Windows for a price that will blow your mind? Just head here and you will be amazed at what you find at the other side of the river.
Do you have any top Windows secret you believe Microsoft would not want us to know? Please share it in the comments.

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